TSG’s industry-leading intelligence and knowledge-management solutions meet the demanding requirements of defense, government and other public sector organizations around the world.

  • Visual Intelligence

    Visual Intelligence

    The (AVRS) is a sensor-independent visual interpretation system enabling state-of-the-art video and image processing in real time for an airborne intelligence mission management. The highly effective system significantly accelerates the process from target detection to recognition. Available in various configurations, including airborne, ground and naval, AVRS also enables complete remote control over E/O sensors. Product […]

  • Analysis and Knowledge Management (NSDE)

    Analysis and Knowledge Management (NSDE)

    TSG has vast experience in delivering a wide range of intelligence research solutions and systems for armed forces, security organizations and law enforcement agencies worldwide. These systems implement the entire intelligence cycle, offering collection management, analysis, unbeatable data correlation (both unstructured, structured, GIS and Link Analysis) and dissemination, while implementing best practices of the Big […]

  • Data Fusion

    Data Fusion

    The Recognized Ground Picture (RGP) automatic generation engine for multi sensor and intense battlefield environments. TSG’s fusion algorithms and technologies bridge the modern military arena’s complexity of information saturation/overflow, providing operational users, who are facing an unmanageably large amount of sensor data, with accurate, unified situation awareness.

  • Maritime Intelligence (2C)

    Maritime Intelligence (2C)

    Automatic naval/coastal situation recognition, based on machine-learning algorithms and predictive analytics. The 2C system addresses the challenge of users from various maritime domains (coastal watch, fishing regulation, EEZ monitoring, naval intelligence, etc.) to quickly identify suspicious maritime activities and abnormalities, utilizing data from different sensors, systems and sources. 2C Key Capabilities Provides real-time Alerts and […]

  • Accurate 3D Coordinates Extraction (EarthSolver)

    Accurate 3D Coordinates Extraction (EarthSolver)

    Enables the end user to extract accurate 3D coordinates from images, within seconds, in a very simple and intuitive process. Earthsolver can be utilized in tactical missions as well as in the back office. EarthSolver is used by ground forces for target observation missions and by air force users in oblique and vertical observation missions. […]