First Responders C2 (AwareNess)

First Responders C2 (AwareNess)

A field-proven emergency management system designated to assist first responders (ambulance services, police, and fire brigades) in the field, to effectively increase coordination in order to drastically improve their efficiency.

AwareNess incorporates advanced fleet management and dispatch and decision-support capabilities and is used during routine and emergency situations.

Technical Highlights

  • Turnkey solution with the ability to add features or perform adaptations
  • Standard COTS platforms, infrastructures and Communication technologies
  • Automatic completion of emergency information from the cooperating databases
  • Cooperation and failover between neighboring Command & Control centers.
  • Open interfaces for integration with external systems and authorities
  • Advanced data and communication security
  • Full redundancy
  • Multi-lingual user-friendly interfaces

System Features

  • Incident Management and Dispatch
  • Data Communication and Monitoring
  • Vehicle Situation Picture Generation
  • System Management