TSG won the tender for the primary ICT Center

The Ministry of Defense Directorate of Production and Procurement (DOPP) – together with the IDF’s ICT and Cyber Defense division- completed the tender for the transfer of the IDF’s computer infrastructure (currently operating in dozens of locations) to centralized, advanced data centers (DATA CENTER). This represents the largest technological tender in the history of the IDF and defense establishment.

The formation of the tender, estimated to be worth hundreds of millions of shekels, is led by the Deputy Chief Officer for Intelligence and Communications Procurement, Eliezer (Iko) Hasson. To this end, the “IT South” program was established, headed by Ms. Bracha Hertz, who is working together with the head of the ICT Negev Relocation Administration in the IDF ICT and Cyber Defense division, Col. Asher Dvash.

Six leading Israeli and international technology groups competed in the tender. Each bid was composed of a consortium of companies, including an Israeli main contractor, a large international IT company and Israeli subcontractors. The tender places special emphasis on the technological components of each bid, not just the price. Therefore, the weighing of the proposals was 40% technical and 60% economic.

Given these considerations, the group including Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) as primary contractor, together with TSG IT Advanced Systems Ltd. and Leidos International (formerly of Lockheed Martin), was selected.

The winner of the tender will be required to consolidate dozens of computer centers, currently scattered across the country, and establish modern computer centers in their place. This new center will form part of the “IDF Network” program. The winner of the tender will also be required to establish and operate the centers for the period as specified in the tender.

DOPP Director, Col. (res) Avi Dadon: “This is a huge and groundbreaking technological project, few of which have been built in the world. The tender, together with a series of recent additional procurements in the world of ICT, will allow the IDF to realize important security tasks for the years ahead, both in the technological-operational world as well as in the realization of the national project to relocate the IDF camps to the Negev.”