TSG Inaugurates Smart City Project in India

The Digi Thane program, which is based on the smart city model of the Tel Aviv municipality, has been adapted to Indian culture, language, and regulation to create Sustainable Citizen Engagement in the city of Thane

TSG announced today the launch of a digital smart city program in the city of Thane, located not far from Mumbai in the State of Maharashtra in India. The program, called Digi Thane, is based on the smart city model of the Tel Aviv municipality. This is the first city in India to implement this model.

Tel Aviv’s smart city model, implemented by TSG, has been adapted to Indian culture, language, and regulation, and deals with the creation and use of technologies and platforms in order to create a range of services for three parties that will benefit from it. First, it is the municipality itself that receives continuous and online contact with the residents and an updated database of residents. The second factor is the residents of the city who receive a variety of new digital services from the municipality, such as personal information for each resident, municipality payments through one source and a customer club established by the municipality that provides significant benefits in all the municipality activities to the residents. The third party to enjoy the benefits of the customer club is the trade sector – the people that visit and work in the city. The vision of the program is to create a continuous contact and engagement with the residents of the city (Sustainable Citizen Engagement).

The project, which began about ten months ago and is worth several million dollars, was launched on Wednesday at a festive ceremony in the city of Thane, attended by ministers of the Maharashtra government, mayors of Tel Aviv and Thane, as well as TSG representatives. The project was realized through cooperation between TSG, Indian company Foxberry technologies and the Tel Aviv Municipality.