Supporting Tools

TSG offers support systems ranging from simulators and test beds to geographic information systems (GIS), facility management solutions and customizable recording/debriefing systems.

  • Recording/Debriefing (HindSight)

    Recording/Debriefing (HindSight)

    A unique recording, replay and debriefing system, which simultaneously records and synchronizes multiple channels, including audio, video, radar screens and high-resolution computer screens.

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  • Mapping Engines

    Mapping Engines

    TSG Geographic Information System (GIS) is based on extensive system know-how, including real-time and offline applications. TSG also offers an advanced real-time mapping engine, NTMDS, specially designed for military and mission-critical applications.

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  • Facility Navigator (FN)

    Facility Navigator (FN)

    Featuring an indoor GIS, the Facility Navigator (FN) is a computerized cloud-based facility-management tool.

    FN serves as an interactive, intuitive graphical system for the monitoring and control of onsite infrastructure (e.g., electricity, water, air conditioning, communication networks, SCADA) for maintenance, safety and security purposes.

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  • Video Analytics (Sixth Sense)

    Video Analytics (Sixth Sense)

    A pioneering video surveillance system that enables object-tracking-based solid situational awareness in dense urban scenarios, by automatically detecting suspicious behavior in real time.

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  • Simulators and Test Beds

    Simulators and Test Beds

    A comprehensive range of training and simulation suites in various operational domains – tanks, anti-tank missile systems, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), and artillery forward observation.

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