Homeland Security

In recent years, new and emerging threats have developed to endanger our way of life. These threats, attributed to both natural and manmade phenomena, have posed new challenges to governments, law enforcement and emergency agencies, municipalities and public and private organizations. TSG’s broad HLS solution catalogue provides customers with advanced technology-based systems to best encounter these emerging threats, tackle incidents and attacks with an effective and optimized response, and keep cities and communities safe.

  • Emergency Management Command & Control (DMS)

    Emergency Management Command & Control (DMS)

    Our operational and modular emergency management Command and Control system is deployable from the strategic to the local and field engagement levels.

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  • First Responders C2 (AwareNess)

    First Responders C2 (AwareNess)

    A field-proven emergency management system designated to assist first responders (ambulance services, police, and fire brigades) in the field, to effectively increase coordination in order to drastically improve their efficiency.

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  • Smart City

    Smart City

    Smart City concept is a broad term. It covers wide range of services and activities – waste management, traffic, public transportation, smart lightening, environment and more.

    TSG has decided to focus on the most important element in the city – its residents.

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  • Safe City

    Safe City

    Coping with threats to public safety and critical infrastructure has become a main mission of security agencies around the world. TSG’s real-time data fusion system monitors, detects, identifies and alerts, in order to provide an integrated urban situation picture.

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  • Border Control (B-Guard)

    Border Control (B-Guard)

    A comprehensive, integrative approach for border and critical site protection with methodical localization and customization based on detailed threat analysis.

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  • SmartEye


    Smart video analytics system for automatic public order alerts. TSG SmartEye Video Analytics Surveillance Solution harness the power of video…

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