Video Analytics (Sixth Sense)

A pioneering video surveillance system that enables object-tracking-based solid situational awareness in dense urban scenarios, by automatically detecting suspicious behavior in real time.

The Sixth Sense system provides an operational environment in which control rooms require reduced manpower for controlling protected sites.

Situational Awareness

  • Creating a comprehensive picture for entire scene (a set of diverse areas)
  • Real-time analysis of human moving behavior
  • Detecting and Alerting on relevant suspicious signs and their combination both for individuals and for interaction between them

Automatically detecting suspicious behavior

  • Tracking all the objects in each area and in the entire scene
  • Fusion of the information from sensors/systems and Fusion of information from all the areas
  • Fully automatically detecting and alerting suspicious behavior according to user-defined parameters, priorities, and continuously updating scene routine perception

Independent learning process

  • Assisting operational user in situations that are difficult or even impossible to predict, predefine, and distinguish between “normal” and “abnormal” templates

Drawing the user’s attention

  • Automatically detecting and reporting suspicious behavior in the entire scene
  • Providing relevant video clips to estimate validity and severity events

Significantly reducing the number of the screens for the operator to monitor

  • Provides object’s position in the real space (not just in the image plane)
  • Presents the information (position, trajectory, alert) on the projective map instead of the video