Recording/Debriefing (HindSight)

A unique recording, replay and debriefing system, which simultaneously records and synchronizes multiple channels, including audio, video, radar screens and high-resolution computer screens.

HindSight provides continuous improvement in operational quality and workforce proficiency, efficient situation management, accurate information for valuable debriefing, and maintenance of operational knowledge.


  • 24/7 recording of all sources
  • Synchronized Playback of all systems
  • Real time operational debrief capabilities
  • Multi-system, multi-channel synchronized recording:
    • Operator screens
    • Surveillance video
    • Audio, including radio, telephony, VOIP, ROIP
    • Data channels
    • Control room “ambience” cameras & microphones
  • Multiple Synchronized playback session
  • Operational control capabilities:
    • Variable delay playback and “jogging” for evet ID
    • Remotely monitor or display any screen/video
  • Easy integration to Legacy and OEM systems

Key Capabilities

  • Synchronized record and replay
  • High-resolution screen and Video recording
  • Data channels recording
  • Easily integrated and Customizable
  • Operating environment
  • Multi Management capabilities