Facility Navigator (FN)

Featuring an indoor GIS, the Facility Navigator (FN) is a computerized cloud-based facility-management tool.

FN serves as an interactive, intuitive graphical system for the monitoring and control of onsite infrastructure (e.g., electricity, water, air conditioning, communication networks, SCADA) for maintenance, safety and security purposes.


  • A unique platform with data analysis functionality based on data driven drawings.
  • Users can select and retrieve any engineering data from different systems.
  • Different levels of engineering data displayed through a user-friendly graphic interface.
  • Uses CAD drawings to consolidate data and visuals.
  • A comprehensive solution combining active data from control modules with passive data from infrastructure tools.

System Modules

  • Space Utilization Module (SUM)
  • Asset Management Module (AMM)
  • Electricity Module (EMM)
  • Safety & Preventive Management Module (SPM)
  • Voice & Data Network Management Module (VDNM)
  • Piping Management Module (PMM)
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning Management Module (HVAC)
  • Key Management Module (KMM)
  • History Management Module (HMM)
  • Localization Module (Wireless Technology)
  • Maintenance Management Module (FO)

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