Visual Intelligence

The (AVRS) is a sensor-independent visual interpretation system enabling state-of-the-art video and image processing in real time for an airborne intelligence mission management.

The highly effective system significantly accelerates the process from target detection to recognition. Available in various configurations, including airborne, ground and naval, AVRS also enables complete remote control over E/O sensors.

Product Objectives

  • Mission Management System for airborne visual payload
  • Transform the payload into an intelligence system
  • Long range diagonal and tangential target acquisition
    • Detection
    • Recognition
    • Identification
    • Locating
    • Reporting
    • Pointing
  • Shortening time to target
  • Cooperation with ground and airborne forces


  • Multiple workstation with shared mission
  • Mission (request, detect, identify, report, direct attack forces, airborne and ground)
  • Integrated desktop of GIS tools (standard & customer specific), mission control data + live video feeds
  • Link video and maps using inertial and navigation data
    • Map to LOS
    • LOS to map
  • Live video (full frame rate, full resolution) X 2
  • Annotate targets in the live video with their tactical symbol (symbol hooked to the pixel)
  • Live video enhancing
  • PC computers, Windows OS