Maritime Intelligence

Automatic naval/coastal situation recognition, based on machine-learning algorithms and predictive analytics.

The NCCCS system (Naval & Coastal Command and Control System) addresses the challenge of users from various maritime domains (coastal watch, fishing regulation, EEZ monitoring, naval intelligence, etc.) to quickly identify suspicious maritime activities and abnormalities, utilizing data from different sensors, systems and sources.

NCCCS Key Capabilities

Provides real-time Alerts and Decision support information on suspicious maritime activities

  • Illegal fishing
  • Oil theft
  • Smuggling
  • Robbery
  • Ship overtaking
  • Hostile activityNN

NCCCS Solution Concept

Automatic situation recognition based on machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics

  • Learning routines of all vessels
  • Learning patterns of criminal targets
  • On-line Inspection, of all targets, for irregularity and matching to identified suspicious patterns
  • Prioritizing suspicious targets according to incrimination level and alerting accordingly
  • History data is kept and used for analysis

Adaptive learning algorithms (self-updated, on-going).
Generates improved and smarter alerts, in a way not possible in a conventional C2 system. Enables users recognizing the “big picture” of maritime activity.