Analysis and Knowledge Management (NSDE)

TSG has vast experience in delivering a wide range of intelligence research solutions and systems for armed forces, security organizations and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

These systems implement the entire intelligence cycle, offering collection management, analysis, unbeatable data correlation (both unstructured, structured, GIS and Link Analysis) and dissemination while implementing best practices of the Big Data era. TSG’s solution integrates the most advanced search and semantic engines.

Main Capabilities

NSDE services encompass a wide set of data types:
Unstructured (or partially structured) structured data entities and links between any pair of data entities (regardless of their data types).
The search mechanism incorporates advanced, language sensitive retrieval capabilities. NSDE users can employ – and benefit from – any combination of these capabilities in a single query.

These capabilities are:

  • Language-sensitive morphological search
  • Soundex (phonetic retrieval)
  • Fuzzy search (finding strings that match a pattern approximately)
  • Semantic text analysis (by understanding the contextual meaning of terms)