Accurate 3D Coordinates Extraction (EarthSolver)

Enables the end user to extract accurate 3D coordinates from images, within seconds, in a very simple and intuitive process. Earthsolver can be utilized in tactical missions as well as in the back office.

EarthSolver is used by ground forces for target observation missions and by air force users in oblique and vertical observation missions

Accurate 3D Coordinates

  • Achieved by 3-dimensional photogrammetric triangulation of a target from different angles using multiple images from various sensors covering a region.
  • Coordinates include specific 3D accuracy estimation.
  • Accurate measurements between targets: distance, height difference, azimuth.
  • No DTM/DSM needed.

Coordinate Extraction by Operational End User

  • Geo registration algorithms – enable accurate extraction of 3D locations for natural or man-made objects viewed on the source material.
  • Intuitive GUI.

Desktop or Field Applications

  • Supported in mobile computers for operational targeting, positioning etc.
  • Service Oriented Architecture – enables deployment and integration with existing sites and systems.