Emergency Management Command & Control (DMS)

Our operational and modular emergency management Command and Control system is deployable from the strategic to the local and field engagement levels.

DMS enables a unified common situation picture, coordinated-response mission planning, optimized utilization of available emergency teams and resources, effective Command & Control, and communication with the public in both crisis management and day-to-day operations.


  • Displays a single, accurate, updated situation picture at all levels at any given time
  • Creates and manages common operational picture built from multiple diverse data sources
  • Supports situation assessment process, analyzes situation picture, plans response and predicts results
  • Plan, Assigns, directs and monitors required resources
  • Investigates and reconstructs events via data storage and recording capabilities
  • Supports debriefing and training of decision-makers at all levels
  • Seamlessly connects to legacy systems at the agencies
  • Runs on generic rugged computers, incorporates digital maps and GPS devices for maximum orientation and real time force tracking
  • Real time data and video streaming from all field forces
  • Autonomous and flexible
  • Sophisticated communication mechanisms designed to support hectic events
  • Field proven


  • Saves life, property and infrastructure
  • Faster and improved response to emergency scenarios
  • Optimized rescue operation planning and resource allocation