Smart video analytics system for automatic public order alerts. TSG SmartEye Video Analytics Surveillance Solution harness the power of video analytics and smart Data Fusion Engine to generate a single dashboard rule-based monitoring and alerting system, allowing to effectively process, analyze and monitor large volumes of real-time and historical video data.

Open architecture with enhanced capabilities:

License plate recognition / Car type & color identification / Face recognition / Crowd detection
  • 24/7 night and day
  • Real time alerts
  • Meet customer unique requirements
  • Smart fusion engine providing reliable alerts
  • Simultaneous real time video analytics fusion
  • Smart alerting module, based on objects interaction
  • Built in integration to leading video analytics vendors
  • Research module provides wide range of querying options
  • Integration with TSG’s command and control system (ICMS)
  • Event and task management
  • Advanced human-machine interface
  • User can set-up relevant alert definitions
  • Detecting abnormal behavior focusing on events of interest
  • Automatic alerts based on system’s definitions
  • Reducing false alarms
  • Real time monitoring of large number of cameras