Smart City


Smart City concept is a broad term. It covers wide range of services and activities – waste management, traffic, public transportation, smart lightening, environment and more.

TSG has decided to focus on the most important element in the city – its residents.

TSG is the exclusive authorized distributer and partner of Tel Aviv Municipality ‘Digi-Tel’project.

Tel Aviv was distinguished as the ‘Smartest City 2014’ in the annual Smart City Expo in Barcelona thanks to its Digi-Tel project. Digi-City, based on Digi-Tel, combines the latest IT technology with advanced operational procedures to transform municipalities to intelligently active cities that are one-step ahead in resident’s engagement.

Digi- City is a comprehensive program that involves three major factors of the city quality of life on a Win-Win-Win model: Residents, Municipality and Merchants.
The program combines technology aspects as well as cultural, organizational, knowledge management and municipality procedures aspects. Digi-City technology aspect is about personalized web and mobile communication platform which provides residents with individually tailored, location-specific, life situation-based information and services. The platform facilitates a direct and holistic connection between the city and its residents, from alerting residents to neighbourhood road works to sending targeted reminders for school registration and offering discounts which facilitate access to the many cultural events taking place in the city. The information is delivered by push via different channels, including Push notifications, personal emails, personal text messages and a personal resident account.

Digi-City Program Main Benefits:

  • Resident oriented Services and information – Residents receive timely effective and useful information. One source of information from all municipal and/or state bodies
  • Public participation – utilizing resident’s insights for improved municipal decision making
  • Community and commercial benefits – residents experience exclusive personalized data driven services/offers
  • Improved E-Governance: accessible municipal services through technology
  • Municipal insights through data analytics
  • Boosting the city economy
  • Improving municipality public opinion
The Digi-City program improves resident quality of life, increases senses of belonging and upgrades the municipality daily operations.

TSG provides:

  • Entire technical apparatus (HW/SW/Cloud/Applications)
  • Training, knowledge transfer
  • Operational protocols, processes and activities
  • Full Operation


TSG, its Indian partner, Foxberry Technologies, Pvt. Ltd, and with the help of Tel Aviv Municipality have implemented the first Digi-City program in Thane, Maharashtra IndiaDigi-Thane

In March 2017 the “Digi-Tel” program won a bid to become the model for “DigiThane”, a new digital engagement platform for the city of Thane, in the state of Maharashtra, India.
Thane with the help of TSG, Foxberry technologies and Tel Aviv Municipality, is following the same platform as DigiTel to provide residents the same city services and exciting new features to bring residents and city officials closer together and more acquainted with the city.
Thane has some 2 million residents, and technical, operational and cultural adaptation were made in order to successfully complete the project.

Digi-City Main Services

  • Relevant information to the residents – on a “push basis”
  • City Membership Club and Resident card
  • Digital Municipality Archive
  • Map-based Information
  • Business and Real-estate Licensing
  • Education & Community Applications
  • Municipal Payments
  • Municipal Contact and Operations Center
  • Smart Transportation Applications
  • Opinion Arena over Social Networks
  • Resident Involvement in Decision Making