Safe City

Coping with threats to public safety and critical infrastructure has become a main mission of security agencies around the world. TSG’s real-time data fusion system monitors, detects, identifies and alerts, in order to provide an integrated urban situation picture.

Our system monitors and tracks the abnormal human behavior and moving objects in real time, in order to dramatically reduce the detection time of hostile situations.

System Components:

  • Sensors
    • Video surveillance
    • Bi-directional audio (intercom)
    • Panic buttons
    • Video analytics (sixth sense)
    • LPR
    • Access control solutions
    • Open sources (social networks) intelligence
  • Command & Control Center
    • Call Center – Phone calls, emails, Web access
    • Common Operational Picture
    • Real time video display
    • Event management
    • GIS – Sensors, Mobile unit locations (GPS)
    • Decision support tools
    • Resources management
    • Recording & Debriefing
    • Dispatching through dedicated centers
  • Mobile Units
    • Hand held, Vehicle
    • GPS
    • Communication
    • Real Time information sharing: Text, Pictures, Video; Missions & Routes
  • Communication Infrastructure
    • Land lines, Fiber optics
    • Wi-Fi
    • Satellite Communication
    • Cellular
    • Any other IP network