Cyber Security Center (CSC)

Cyber Security Center (CSC)

TSG designs, develops, operates and supports CSC for all levels – National, Sectorial and Enterprise. TSG’s offering is based on our extensive experience and proven track record. CSC main domains are: monitoring (SIEM/SOC), intelligence, forensics investigation lab, awareness contact center and response team.

The TSG state-of-the-art CSC solution is deployable worldwide in two main delivery modes: the CSC turnkey project, where TSG provides customers with a complete customized center inclusive of personnel recruitment and training, or the CSC, as a managed service where enterprise/corporate customers can directly and immediately benefit from TSG’s extensive cyber protection experience and know-how, without the need to launch their own CSC development project.

Key Benefits

  • All of your Cyber Security services under one rooftop
  • Cyber Security situation room, 24/7 – Ongoing service: before, during and after Cyber events
  • Mitigate threats ahead of time by utilizing the CSC’s continuous monitoring and analysis mechanisms
  • Facilitate your organization with forensics and response teams as well as business continuity and data recovery capabilities
  • Enhance your organization’s security level and readiness – Train and drill your organization
  • Experienced Information & Cyber Security professionals – proven track records
  • Efficient & cost effective services, enabling you to keep focus on your core business activities; Avoid the burden of maintaining complex systems, mechanisms and oversized workforces
  • Prepare yourself for future regulation requirements
Read more about our cyber solutions in Q.rity website (Q.rity is wholly owned subsidiary of TSG)