Tactical C4I (TControl)

An innovative C4I suit for mobile tactical forces, TControl provides overall video, voice and data connectivity between all tactical forces operating within the same scene.

Utilizing various communication means, TControl is in operational use by a range of special operations teams and counter terror units worldwide.


  • A comprehensive set of cutting-edge mapping tools and other utilities
  • Management, editing, distribution and collection of data in real time common operational picture
  • Real-time situation picture of own and enemy forces
  • Mission execution and control
  • Real-time intelligence data generation
  • Create action plans and adapt them on the fly to the evolving situation
  • The unique architecture enables rapid implementation of small to large deployments
  • Multiple-level system with superior flexibility and scalability.
  • Runs on any PC, laptop, tablet or UMPC
  • Designed to operate in hostile, unstable and rugged environments