Strategic/Operative Command & Control – Integrated Command and Control System (ICCS)

A true force multiplier for strategic and operative commands, the ICCS provides military commanders and staff members along the chain of command with complete and unified situation awareness of the battlefield in diverse situations – battlefield engagements, MOOTW and routine operations.

Seamless integration of other C2 systems and assets, high scalability and state-of-the-art technology enable intelligent decision support in a rapidly evolving operational environment.

System Highlights

  • Field-proven solution for routine, crisis and wartime situations
  • Real-time, uniform integrated situation picture (ISP)
  • Seamless connectivity to multiple, diverse legacy C2 systems
  • Decision-support tool
  • Command-and-control management at strategic, upper echelons
  • Efficient channeling of all aid efforts

Key Features

  • Seamless legacy system interface: seamlessly and automatically interfaces with legacy C2 systems
  • High scalability: supports simultaneous operation by hundreds of users
  • Independent operation: enables each command to operate independently in a degraded mode when communication lines are down
  • Automatic synchronization: maintains hot backups as well as disaster recovery planning and synchronizes commands automatically when communication is restored
  • Comprehensive tools and displays: comes equipped with reporting, planning, control and supervision tools as well as displays such as maps, tables and graphics