Naval and Coastal Command and Control (NCCCS)

The NCCCS is a Command and Control system that effectively supports coastal surveillance, EEZ protection and blue‑water naval operations, providing a comprehensive maritime situation picture, mission‑planning capabilities and decision-support tools.

Main Features

  • NCCCS generates comprehensive and high quality Maritime Situation Picture (MSP) together with a variety of Decision Support Tools.
  • MSP serves as the main source of information for the decision-making. The quality of these decisions (in the areas of threat evaluation, planning and missions management) depends directly upon the quality of the MSP.
  • High Availability of NCCCS is achieved due to:
    • Hot backup of critical components.
    • Centralized System Architecture.

System Structure

  • Suite of Sensors and External Systems providing detection and Identification
  • Command and Control Centers
  • Communication infrastructure for data transfer and remote control of the sensor