Air Defense Command and Control System (ADCCS)

The Advanced Air Defense C2 System is in operational use by a variety of modern air forces globally, providing a unified air-situation picture and comprehensive operational management for both air forces and civil air-traffic-control organizations.

Main Capabilities

ADCCS fully supports the Operational Requirements of a modern ADCCS, with emphasis on the following:

  • Generation of a high quality Air Situation Picture (ASP), i.e.
  • Overall optimization of system resources (controllers, sensors, etc.)
  • Effective Human-Machine Interface.
  • High system survivability and availability
  • Decision Support tools for the commanders and controllers’ various tasks
  • Full operational monitoring of system behavior and means to overcome problems in real time

The need for high quality ASP stems from the fact that the ASP serves as the main source of information for the decision making within all echelons of Air Force Command. The quality of these decisions, in area of threat evaluation, planning and battle management, depends directly upon the quality of the ASP.

System Architecture

A typical ADCCS consists of:

  • Central Air Defense Command Centers (CADCC)
  • Air Defense Command Centers (ADCC)
  • Remote Users (ASDS)