Lines of Business

Command & Control

TSG’s offering includes a wide range of Command & Control solutions – from upper echelon commands to the micro-tactical level. All TSG’s systems are operational and field-proven, and are used by a range of global customers in a variety of demanding scenarios:

Strategic/Operative Command & Control – Integrated Command and Control System (ICCS)

A true force multiplier for strategic and operative commands, the ICCS provides military commanders and staff members along the chain of command with complete and unified situation awareness of the battlefield in diverse situations – battlefield engagements, MOOTW and routine operations.

The Advanced Air Defense C2 System is in operational use by a variety of modern air forces globally, providing a unified air-situation picture and comprehensive operational management for both air forces and civil air-traffic-control organizations.

The NCCCS is a Command and Control system that effectively supports coastal surveillance, EEZ protection and blue‑water naval operations, providing a comprehensive maritime situation picture, mission‑planning capabilities and decision-support tools.

An innovative C4I suit for mobile tactical forces, TControl provides overall video, voice, and data connectivity between all tactical forces operating within the same scene.

TSG is a leading provider of Command and Control solutions for Theatre Ballistic Missile Defense. TSG’s missile defense C2 solutions…