TSG ensures extensive experience in developing and integrating telecom solutions for commercial and military applications. Leveraging deep telecom know-how, TSG provides a wide-ranging offering, including:

  • Operations Support Systems (OSS)

    Operations Support Systems (OSS)

    Fluctuating complexities are offered to a range of customers in diverse verticals. Highly integrated systems manage and monitor diverse communication networks (e.g., fixed, wireless, VoIP, encrypted cellular) in one package, according to a Manager of Managers (MoM) system concept. OSS covers a wide array of fields, including service provision, assurance, configuration, performance and IT management […]

  • Contact Centers

    Contact Centers

    TSG is a leading designer and integrator of end-to-end, multi-site call centers, a field in which it maintains unique expertise in value-added services, such as IP Centrex/hosted PBX solutions, IVR, voice portals and voice recognition.

  • Back Office Optimization

    Back Office Optimization

    The intelligent Workload Distribution (iWD) system enables distribution of back office tasks based on business values and dynamically updates task priorities in accordance with predefined rules and SLA. Use of the Back Office Optimization system dramatically reduces back office operational costs, by maximizing employee efficiency while increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Value-Added Services (VAS)

    Value-Added Services (VAS)

    End-to-end VAS solutions for value-added services include directory assistance platforms for operators and service providers, robust voice portals for next-generation solutions and IPTV.